Tradition in food preservation

We are defined by tradition

A tradition passed down in a unique way of understanding and experiencing the sea. Generations of professionals who have dedicated their bodies, and above all their souls, to placing value on the richness of the Galician estuaries, appreciated all over the world, and Cantabrian sea. Artisanal labour, as well, which has been upheld for centuries and today is synonymous with quality and excellency.

The story of Ramón Peña dates back to 1920. A small canning company in Galicia began with the careful production of fish and seafood preserves, controlling the raw materials and precious artisanal processes from the origin, in order to make the tins authentic luxuries for the palette.

Time has only strengthened this philosophy of continuous improvement and an objective that has remained intact, to preserve the best of the sea in the Ramón Peña tins. Today, these values live on in the company’s DNA, which continues to grow, supporting Galicia and its gastronomic culture.


Galician Estuaries

All our products come from the Galician estuaries, the richest and most highly-regarded fishing area in Spain and the Cantabrian sea.

The Rías Baixas are considered to have one of the most biologically diverse marine ecosystems on the planet. The unique physical structure of the estuaries gives them an added value making their waters suitable enclaves for the cultivation of seafood and other fish species.


Innovation and development

We believe that the key to differentiating ourselves comes from our commitment to innovation and development.

We have a laboratory equipped with the most advanced technology and set up as a mini factory within the factory. The analyses we carry out there allow us to guarantee a perfect execution of the entire process. We base our growth on improving processes and technology in order to continue on to cutting-edge activity in such a competitive sector.


Marine biodiversity

One of our main concerns is the sustainability of the environment. This is why we defend responsible and selective fishing methods in order to guarantee the future of marine biodiversity.

We have a biological purification system which does not use chemical products and any waste or food by-products are collected by agents authorised for their subsequent use.


Commited to excellence

All our products come from the Galician estuaries, the richest and most highly-regarded fishing area in Spain and the Cantabrian sea.

We hold IFS (International Featured Standards) quality certifications and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety which guarantee the food quality and safety of our products and processes.

An acknowledgement which reveals our firm commitment to excellence and an endorsement from the main authorities in the sector is that they have awarded us the highest score.

MSC Pesca sostenible certificada
Great Taste
Mejillón de Galicia
Pesca de rías


Tradition in food preserves since 1920

We only purchase products that are in season and from the fish market, we do not use conservatives, colouring or whitening, and we uphold strict quality controls throughout the entire production process.

This strict classification of raw materials, along with artisanal processes, has been the key to differentiating ourselves in the current market.